The Flying Dream

I believe that a person can dream things about the last thing he/she had in mind before falling asleep. That dream can be a sweet one, a terrifying one or a sad one that will leave you bothered the moment you wake up. An article said that a person dreams per night but he/she won’t be able to recall all of it though there’ll be a few of the many dreams which he/she can remember when he/she woke up.

When I was in grade four, I saw amongst the bookshelf of our 12767707_989137624504591_1117466253_nteacher a Harry Potter book. I took the book (without permission) and started to read the whole thing. Since then, Harry Potter became a resident of my mind and I had an absurd goal of entering the Wizarding world myself. I kept on thinking magical things that night that I brought my thoughts to my dreams. So far, it was the best dream that my brain told me. Continue reading

The Respectus Potion

samFive years have already passed but the potion still affects my system. I don’t understand.What’s happening to me?

“Love, are you okay?” Am not! Stop asking me! “Never been better, Prim.” I tried to hide the pain with a smile even though I know he’ll not be convinced. “You’re in pain, I can see it.”

“Prim, I think I need to go to uncle Nowk. He’s the only one who can answer me.” “I’ll go with you.” What good deed have I done to deserve you?

And here I am again in this very room. Creepy as usual… I can already feel cold sweat running down on my back. Continue reading

Tree of One’s Family #4


My family has a close relationship with each other. My dear late grandfather acquired a piece of land ages ago and we lived in that lot for decades now. Every time one of us has to leave for special reasons, we will always terribly miss that family member. Leaving my family to go to college gave a heavy feeling in my heart. My hometown comes all the way from CARAGA and I won’t be able to see them for a long time. When I and my co12767707_989137624504591_1117466253_nusins left for college, my grandmother was so sad to see three of her grandchildren depart from her that she burst into tears.
My family is always a treasured gift to me. I thank God for the family He has given me.

Dreaming the Dream

sam.jpg“Don’t dream your life, live your dreams” is what other people say. Who would’ve thought I would dream about my dream that night? ¾ The night I decided to sleep with my quick-tempered aunt.

I was seated in our couch wondering how a day can be that boring when my uncle suddenly appeared in front of me with his right hand pulling something behind him. I realized it was exact same bike that I wanted to have. I asked him if I could give it a try and he answered affirmatively. And so I went for a ride. I kept on paddling without even knowing where I am heading to until I reached an unfamiliar park. Continue reading

The Fortune Draught

If you’re tired of the constant waves of feeling like the odds were never in your favor, you might as well take a look with interest in this draught. Trust in this 12767707_989137624504591_1117466253_ndraught and the odds will forever be in your favor. Imagine a full day without misfortunes, mistakes and everything falling into their own place to make your day lucky as hell. You will fall heads over heels for the famous Fortune Draught that will guarantee you a 24 hour time of extreme and wonderful fortune.

This potion is extremely tricky to make. Only world class and experienced potion masters are the only authorized persons to brew this potion. First of all, you need to acquire the self-stirring cauldron that automatically stirs potions in a clockwise direction. You need to wait for the moon to blast its most shining light and brew the potion under its light. Continue reading

Running Away from an Unfamiliar Killer

12804179_1174478395904074_1868541362_nFor some people, dreaming is a fun way to escape from reality but for me, it’s a “NO”. I really cannot completely recall a certain dream that really fascinates me right after I woke up because most of the time, I cannot distinguish a dream from reality since in my case, they are too much related or too much connected with what’s happening in reality that sometimes I cry myself at night in fear. I don’t know why, but my dreams really do happen in reality. Our discussion about dreams during our Psychology class is still vivid to me. As what my professor taught us, dreams are peculiarly connected to our reality and it works deep in our unconscious minds. We may dream of using a regular pen, but Psychologists would interpret that as our yearning for sex. Going back, it may not be the same, but the feeling is family and it’s really scary. Continue reading

Seeking Help from an Unfamiliar Potion

We always seek things that are unfamiliar to us. As what they would always say, “Curiosity kills the cat.” Love may be a common thing in this world, (Try asking a seven-year old kid, they might give you a clear definition of love) there are still things that are beyond the grasp of our human minds. Love, mysteriously evolves everyday and we are always caught off-guard of its mystic; we sometimes feel 12804179_1174478395904074_1868541362_nthat it’s there, but in the end, we realized that it was all just an illusion. We hope too much on things like love and more often than not, that longing outgrows us and eventually we tend to lose ourselves. We put so much effort in searching and soliciting attention from other people, hoping for love, without realizing we are doing it without knowing the true feeling of being loved by ourselves. Continue reading

Tree of One’s Family #2

fam tree2

We don’t really have the biggest family in the world nor the closest ones. My father came from a large family but we are somewhat distant because we live afar from each other. Besides, my father works in abroad so we couldn’t really reach them out that often. On the contrary, my mother has a small family. We are somehow close to each other because we’re just practically neighbors. Aside from these, my grandma in father’s side and grandfather in my mother’s side died before I was even born so I didn’t get the chance to meet them.

In our own small family, we aren’t that close either. We have a considerably large age gap between me and my siblings. We don’t really talk that much and if so, it will most probably end up in arguing and throwing whatever things we can grab to each other.

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We fight even in the tiniest and silliest things and my mom would always end up being the referee. But in spite of the aforementioned flaws of my family, I could still proudly say that I have the best imperfect family in the world and that I wouldn’t want to trade them for anything.