Erudite Explosion Potion

Processed with VSCO with 4 presetMany of us students suffer the same thing: we burn our eyebrows and bury our noses at the depths of our books and notes in attempt to retain the information in our minds. We follow various rituals to stay wide awake and remain awake. With this dilemma, a bright idea popped in my mind. How about, we make ourselves a potion?

Now this is what I call the Erudite Explosion Potion. This potion is definitely the solution to our struggles. It has exceptional abilities that could surely make us crave for it. A drink from this potion will boost our IQ to above average and our energy level beyond imaginable. This potion will also allow us to have a photographic memory of the highlighted lines in our notes and books thus saving us time from the great burden of memorizing.

Because this potion is exceptional, this also requires a very complex procedure and extraordinary ingredients which includes the following: two crushed claws of the scorpion; 5 grams mashed horn of a unicorn; 10 mL saliva of a lizard; brewed eyes of an owl; a teardrop of a fly; 2 grams poop of a bat; 5 grams booger of a new born baby; and finally a whole crushed petal of Rafflesia flower.

It’s guaranteed to be proven effective; however it won’t last forever. For better and lasting results, take this potion once every six months for maintenance. Moreover, drinking this potion may also cause some reactions although this will only take effect for a short period of time. These possible side effects are: sleeplessness; terrible stomachache and LBM; 1 day of belching and farting nonstop.

If you ever feel like on the verge of breaking down in the middle of studying and giving up your studies because you’re too tired of so many craps and nonsense; well you need not to worry anymore. Your misery shall end now. This potion shall be the answer to your long-awaited, unspoken desires! However, the real question is; will it be worth the risk?


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