Running Away from an Unfamiliar Killer

12804179_1174478395904074_1868541362_nFor some people, dreaming is a fun way to escape from reality but for me, it’s a “NO”. I really cannot completely recall a certain dream that really fascinates me right after I woke up because most of the time, I cannot distinguish a dream from reality since in my case, they are too much related or too much connected with what’s happening in reality that sometimes I cry myself at night in fear. I don’t know why, but my dreams really do happen in reality. Our discussion about dreams during our Psychology class is still vivid to me. As what my professor taught us, dreams are peculiarly connected to our reality and it works deep in our unconscious minds. We may dream of using a regular pen, but Psychologists would interpret that as our yearning for sex. Going back, it may not be the same, but the feeling is family and it’s really scary.

As much as I hate to remember, I dreamt of my mother. It was quite vague but in my dream, my mother and I were running away from to mysterious persons. The setting was at our house. Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but wonder on how we were able to run from them knowing that our house is small-oh well, dreams are dreams and they are beyond our imagination. We kept on running and running until the faces of the treacherous strangers slowly showed like how killers reveal themselves in movies. To my surprise, it was my brother and his close friend who happened to be our neighbor. It was weird because upon realizing that it was my brother, the feeling of fear still lingered, as if the thought of seeing someone I know and someone who I’m confident won’t hurt us didn’t changed our screams. The feeling of fright that they might kill us never left and it kept us from running away from them.

Everything about the dream was shady the next thing I knew I found myself sleeping in my dream. I couldn’t put this into words how odd it was, but yes I also woke up in my dream without waking up in reality.

I readily went upstairs to look for my mother. No answered was heard when I shouted “Mom where are you?” All I heard was a resounding throb from my frail organ, exhausted from all the screaming and running. I kept on looking for mom. Alas! I found here! For a second, I stopped and looked at her. It was her; I was so sure it was her. Her dark hair, her beautiful brown eyes, everything about her is so familiar. However, something’s not right, her beautiful eyes seems to be lifeless. She was there, but she already left.

Yes, my dream was not the typical “I-received-a-letter-from-Hogwarts-dream.” It was something I feared up until today. I called my mom right after, it was 3 in the morning, and thank God she answered. If there’s one thing I learned from that particular dream, it is to value your mother because the next thing you’ll know, she’s already gone. And it is something we don’t want right? Even in dreams.


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