Potion Mission: AvaKedavra Sisbomba

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Wouldn’t everyone just love to go outside their homes, go to gala and shopping spree with friends, participate in school activities, be present at work without even bothering to arrange their hair and just look normal? Yes, our world needs a little bit of magic just like that, to make things easier, better and more wonderful. Men and women each have their different life stories. Some have been late for school and work. Some have been laughed at because of ugly hairdo. Some have been left alone, crying with their pillows as their only witnesses. So, here’s a belated Christmas bonanza for everyone—AvaKedavra SisBomba—a potion for an unlimited hairdo, colour and hairstyle variety whenever you want it.

Wondering how this potion was made? Well, there are eleven ingredients for this potion, in which one is a secret component. These are cat fur, potion master’s blood (that’s mine), hair dye, snake saliva, tiger fangs, aloe vera, raindrops, malunggay oil, vampire blood and werewolf nails. I just had to mix them altogether in a pot and wait for an hour.

Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the chemical compositions of some of the ingredients, the use of this potion might lead to multiple minor side effects such as mild insomnia and short-term memory damage, bipolarity and lice appearances. However, the less frequent you change your hair, the lesser the chances you get to experience these side effects.

You want no more hassle? You want to save more time? Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the one.


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