Seeking Help from an Unfamiliar Potion

We always seek things that are unfamiliar to us. As what they would always say, “Curiosity kills the cat.” Love may be a common thing in this world, (Try asking a seven-year old kid, they might give you a clear definition of love) there are still things that are beyond the grasp of our human minds. Love, mysteriously evolves everyday and we are always caught off-guard of its mystic; we sometimes feel 12804179_1174478395904074_1868541362_nthat it’s there, but in the end, we realized that it was all just an illusion. We hope too much on things like love and more often than not, that longing outgrows us and eventually we tend to lose ourselves. We put so much effort in searching and soliciting attention from other people, hoping for love, without realizing we are doing it without knowing the true feeling of being loved by ourselves.

In this cruel world, what we all need is something that will help us face reality. Given this predicaments, I have something in my pocket that will surely help aid our aching hearts – Love-Yourself Love Potion”. This potion was basically made to help broken-hearted people from crying over unworthy people. God gave is enough strength to face problems and these do not include people who only hurt us and make us feel rejected and unwanted. Moreover, this potion will help us from getting too depressed and help us avoid getting too attached. Most importantly, this potion will help us in reminding ourselves that the most beautiful thing in this world is to be loved by our own selves.

This potion is very rare and you couldn’t find them anywhere in the market or in the malls. Luckily, my grandmother knows how to make this potion. The ingredients are quite easy to collect however it’s a top most secret of the society, so you better not spill this information. It includes a mixture of confidence bar, contentment oil, anti-bitterness powder, anti-jealousy juice, and happiness pill. All of these ingredient, I will reiterate are quite easy to collect, however you cannot buy these anywhere. You can simply get them from your own self. How? That’s the mystery of the juice. If you succeeded in gathering all of these ingredients, just mix all of it in a jar. Viola! You can now enjoy the perfect potion that will help you from getting drowned from false love.

Before using the potion, let us all remember that too much of everything is unhealthy. Make sure not to over use this potion by drinking too much. It may cause self-centeredness and over confidence. It is important to point out also that most of the users of this potion never managed to marry someone because all of their suitors gave up. So, always be careful in using this potion.

There’s a need to love ourselves. It’s okay to love others, but we should all learn first to love ourselves. We couldn’t give love if we haven’t experience it firsthand from ourselves. Most of us skip this stage in our lives and would always hurry to experience love from others first. But worry no more, because if you don’t know anything about it, try using “Love-Yourself Love Potion” while listening to Justin Bieber’s song “Love yourself”.


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