The Love That Was Never Ours

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI can’t really think about the best dream I ever had because there was a recent dream of mine that I can’t really get off my mind. I don’t know what it meant and I’m very curious about it.

Typically before I sleep, I think a lot. And the last person that I thought about is someone special to me. But how did this schoolmate of mine appear in my dream? It would be very obvious if I state his name, so I better not. Anyway, here’s the story.

We were just in school, attending an event. We were eating that time and I don’t know how it happened, but we suddenly held hands together while walking. So our friends were shocked because they all know we had our different own lives. But he explained to everyone that there’s just something he wanted to say to me.

AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR ME. He told me I was the girl he was always talking about and that he quarrelled with his close friends because he wanted me and he loved me. He sang very loud in front of our schoolmates and everyone was shouting, “You

But I told him I have someone I am committed to and we were already together for years. So he walked away. And that night, I called him because he was just at the other side of the room. It was like we’re having a camp so we’re staying in. And I talked to him. I wanted to explain everything I want to say, that I also love him. But I love my boyfriend more than I love him. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to.

Something happened in his eyes and everybody was panicking about his medicine. It was applied like a mascara is being put, but it was indeed a deadly chemical. It was put inside a bottle and when it was all used, I washed the bottle. But suddenly I got thirsty so I drank water using the bottle. And then everybody just looked at me, as if there’s something I should be scared of.

I’M DYING. It was a deadly chemical, and even if I already washed and cleaned the bottle, the poison’s still there. Then my schoolmate just went near me, and he was about to cry. Our love story hasn’t yet started but it’s already going to end. How tragic.

There are really things that aren’t meant for you, because we have better lives ahead with better people we live with. Whatever you think about right now, I swear it will change tomorrow. And whatever you think you’re not into right now, you’ll never know if it’s right or wrong, unless you have a dream like mine. A roommate once said to me that our dreams are products of our unconscious mind. So we do not know what really our heart wants.

That guy I’m talking about, I never had feelings for him. But there’s something I couldn’t explain whenever I am near him. Nevermind, IT WAS JUST A DREAM.


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