The News

Processed with VSCO with 4 presetOftentimes, we find ourselves waking up from a horrendous dream that feels so surreal we could almost hear our heart beating so fast in our chest. It then leaves us pondering over it; trying to piece out the puzzles together and contemplating over the terrible scenarios that happened in our minds- the unfathomable nightmare.

I’ve experienced these nightmares countless times. Most of the time, I just really don’t mind it and usually it just naturally slip out of my mind. But I had this horrible dream that instilled in my mind and I couldn’t just forget no matter how hard I try. It goes like this…

One night, I found myself arguing with my dad. I was enraged by the fact that he kept bugging me about a certain thing which I repeatedly disagreed. The argument turned worse and before I knew it, I was shouting at the top of my lungs, swearing and saying rude things to him. I even went out of my way by saying that he was the worst dad ever and how I wished he wasn’t my dad at all. By the time our argument ceased, he entered our room quietly and didn’t go out for the rest of the night; and I was careless. I haven’t had any plans to reconcile with him that night despite of knowing the fact that he was leaving the next morning again for quite a long time to go back to his work. I was actually quite impressed with myself because I thought that I had won and I made him quiet.

The night had passed by peacefully until morning came and he had to leave for his early flight. Being the egotistic brat that I am, I didn’t talk to him. He tried to make a conversation with me but I refused and gave him the cold shoulder treatment; and then he was gone. Worse thing was;I didn’t even feel sorry for my misbehavior. My day went normal so far until another morning came and I was feeling uneasy, like something’s so wrong but I couldn’t figure out what. So, I just ignored it. I went downstairs to our living room and turned on the television. I was watching the news when I heard there was a plane crash. My mom came out from the kitchen and joined me. The names of the victims were flashed on the screen and I saw a very familiar name. I couldn’t process immediately what I had just read. Or I just didn’t want to. My mind was spinning like a whirlwind.

Suddenly, I heard my mom’s cry. She was sobbing desperately. And I haven’t realized that I am already crying too. I was terribly devastated. All I could think about was the incident that happened the other night. I felt like my whole world was wrecked. I was full of regrets and sorrow. My tears and sobs were unstoppable. And then I jolted awake. I was catching my breath, my heart was beating wildly and my cheeks were soaking with tears. It took me a while to realize that it was just a dream- a nightmare. It felt so surreal that I actually felt the emotions like it happened in real life. Moments later when I finally calmed down, thankful and much relieved, I prayed to God. I was beyond grateful that it was nothing but a mere dream.

That night, I was not able to go back to sleep. I couldn’t get over my dream and kept thinking about it. What if it actually happened? The thought of it made me shiver. When morning came, I went to my parents’ room and hugged my precious dad. I realized that moment how I love him and that I just couldn’t imagine my life without him, let alone lose him like that. Hence, I learned from my dream that I should savor every moment I spend with my loved ones and to be not a brat to my parents because no one could ever know when they would be gone.


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