Dreaming the Dream

sam.jpg“Don’t dream your life, live your dreams” is what other people say. Who would’ve thought I would dream about my dream that night? ¾ The night I decided to sleep with my quick-tempered aunt.

I was seated in our couch wondering how a day can be that boring when my uncle suddenly appeared in front of me with his right hand pulling something behind him. I realized it was exact same bike that I wanted to have. I asked him if I could give it a try and he answered affirmatively. And so I went for a ride. I kept on paddling without even knowing where I am heading to until I reached an unfamiliar park. To my surprise, it was not just a simple park like I usually see but it was rather enchanted with spells. The leaves were falling harmoniously with the sounds of the chirping birds which make it echo like music to my ears. And then I saw a slide not too far from my position so I decided to just walk. As soon as I hopped off the bicycle, I felt like something inside me somewhat became light… “Aydaw!” (Aydaw means ouch in Meranao). Just then, my fantasy faded and I saw my aunty standing up from the floor. “We’re so close! Will you move to the other side?” And that’s when I realized, I was too close to her which is why she fell.

I was so sorry but my aunty wasn’t convinced because I can’t help myself from laughing. All I could think was; ‘Ooh! So that’s how an elder recover from falling down’. Since then, I reminded myself that serious cases should be handled seriously. And that I should always know my boundaries.



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