The Flying Dream

I believe that a person can dream things about the last thing he/she had in mind before falling asleep. That dream can be a sweet one, a terrifying one or a sad one that will leave you bothered the moment you wake up. An article said that a person dreams per night but he/she won’t be able to recall all of it though there’ll be a few of the many dreams which he/she can remember when he/she woke up.

When I was in grade four, I saw amongst the bookshelf of our 12767707_989137624504591_1117466253_nteacher a Harry Potter book. I took the book (without permission) and started to read the whole thing. Since then, Harry Potter became a resident of my mind and I had an absurd goal of entering the Wizarding world myself. I kept on thinking magical things that night that I brought my thoughts to my dreams. So far, it was the best dream that my brain told me.

I dreamed about me on a broomstick and I was in the Quidditch pitch in the Hogwarts grounds. I was alone on that time and I saw a broomstick lying somewhere that I grabbed it and tried it. The sensation of the ‘flying on the broomstick’ thing was so real and good that I convinced myself that the Wizarding world of Harry Potter did exist. I flew around the Quidditch pitch. I got bored and flew higher and then I saw the view of green mountains. I glanced at my right and saw my girl classmate on a broomstick too. I laughed at he and she laughed also then we had a broomstick race. I enjoyed so much in that dream. Unfortunately, the sun rose and I woke up and found myself on my bed. Too bad, that was just a dream. I even hated myself at that time because I woke up from a very very good and realistic dream. Yeah, too much of Harry Potter can drive you insane and mad.

It was such a good thing that I already moved on from my ‘Harry Potter Syndrome’ and started to read other books. I realized that maybe I should withdraw myself from fantasies and put myself in the real world where there are challenges and problems that strengthens you and nit just all about wands and broomsticks.

After a few years, I found a book all about interpretations of dreams. I looked up at ‘flying’ and realized that my dream had a bad meaning after all and is not recommended to be written down in this text. Regardless of the bad meaning of my flying dream, I still, and always will be, consider it as the best one.










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