The Fortune Draught

If you’re tired of the constant waves of feeling like the odds were never in your favor, you might as well take a look with interest in this draught. Trust in this 12767707_989137624504591_1117466253_ndraught and the odds will forever be in your favor. Imagine a full day without misfortunes, mistakes and everything falling into their own place to make your day lucky as hell. You will fall heads over heels for the famous Fortune Draught that will guarantee you a 24 hour time of extreme and wonderful fortune.

This potion is extremely tricky to make. Only world class and experienced potion masters are the only authorized persons to brew this potion. First of all, you need to acquire the self-stirring cauldron that automatically stirs potions in a clockwise direction. You need to wait for the moon to blast its most shining light and brew the potion under its light. The drops of phoenix tears should be added unto the cauldron before the long hand points to twelve. Then, brew for five hours. Make sure that the potion making should not reach the breaking dawn or the draught will not have any effect on the drinker.

If the potion making process is already tricky, the ingredients needed for the Draught is even trickier. Only half of the potion ingredients are available in apothecaries. You will need six crushed snake fangs, wherein each snake fang should weigh exactly 3 grams, 1 cup of the Standard Potion Ingredient, 3 pieces of troll hair plucked from a troll in the Himalayan Mountains, 3 boogers that were voluntarily given by some stranger, 5 toasted fingers wherein each finger should have a length of 10 centimeters and a diameter of 1 centimeter exactly, 10 milligrams of gillyweed, 1 meter of unicorn hair plucked from a pure white unicorn without blemish, 13 drops of phoenix tears, 10 pieces of chicken spleen from a pure white chicken, and a bunch of Mandragora leaves that weighs 100 grams plucked from an exactly three-month old Mandragora.

The Draught may have some side effects. The drinker may experience the “Sudden Dancing” Syndrome where he/she may dance Nae Nae all of a sudden for 2 whole hours. The drinker may also experience a slight growth of pus all around the body. Young drinkers may also experience difficulties in producing Partonus Charms. These effects only last temporarily, though.

Many historical wizards and witches had tasted the amazing fortunes of the Draught. Famous wizards like Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Gwenog Jones and Harry James Potter had tried and proven the bliss effects of the Draught. They testified and recommended the potion to be use by the wizarding public and explained that the side effects are nothing but just mere reminders that he/she had consumed the Draught and not that dangerous or treacherous at all.

Non-Magic people can try this potion. Public personalities and artists, politicians, and even historical Muggles had bottled up fame and glory after gulping a few milliliters of the Draught. Barrack Obama, Taylor Swift, Ferdinand Magellan, Emilio Aguinaldo, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Zayn Malik had purchased bottles of this Draught. Their success and gone through the roof all because of this Draught.

Thanks to the instantaneous and rapid escalation of the improvements of technology, wizards and Muggles alike can now have access to the Fortune Draught. Scientists and Wizarding scholars had found a mysterious lake in an underground chamber that was proven to be filled with the Fortune Draught. The discovery was a product of the newly invented detector of the Fortune Draught that was invented by Miley Cyrus after her famous breakup from her fiancé.


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