The Respectus Potion

samFive years have already passed but the potion still affects my system. I don’t understand.What’s happening to me?

“Love, are you okay?” Am not! Stop asking me! “Never been better, Prim.” I tried to hide the pain with a smile even though I know he’ll not be convinced. “You’re in pain, I can see it.”

“Prim, I think I need to go to uncle Nowk. He’s the only one who can answer me.” “I’ll go with you.” What good deed have I done to deserve you?

And here I am again in this very room. Creepy as usual… I can already feel cold sweat running down on my back.

“Uncle Nowk, please help me. I can’t take it any longer. I feel like my head’s going to explode” I told him after recognizing his presence. “You know I can’t help you. You’re fully aware of the consequences after drinking the Respectus”So long it has been since I heard that word. And as if on cue, memories from the past started to occupy my mind.


“Why do you have to do this to me mom? I don’t love that person. He’s just a friend to me. I can never be happy with him.” Run. All I could do was run.── Run wherever my feet could take me… “Stop crying.” A strange-looking man is now in front of me without even realizing it. “Who are you? Why are you here?” I asked. “You are in my territory!” Ooops…How did I get into this room? “I’m so sorry.” Run! But I’m frozen on the spot. I’m dead. Mom, please help me! I’m going to marry Prim if you want. Just take me away from this man.

And all of a sudden, a laugh escaped from his mouth. Huh? “Nothing.You know what, I can help you with your problem.” Seriously?“I can give you my Respectus potion. With this, you’ll learn to respect every individual including yourself so that; you can have a good relationship with your family and everyone around you, help yourself understand every person in this earth, uphold your dignity through self-respect just as you wanted. I know you want to respect your mother’s decision. It’s just that you’re not ready.” He’s gone mad! Who is he, by the way? “I’m Nowk.” He answered with a smile. “You can read my mind? What are you? What potion are you talking about?”

“Respectus is what I call it. It is made of a cup of water, a drop of red wine, a pinch of sand, two tablespoons of Aloe Vera oil, 250 ml Alaxan, and a spark of fire.One sip and boom!” He offered the bottle and so I accepted it. “I can see how desperate you are. You’re going to sacrifice for your mom when you know you don’t love that young boy. But I shall remind you, after 5 years, its effect will be gone along with the memories you’ll have in that 5 years.”

“Think for the consequence is severe”


“Sera, wake up!”Why am I lying down here? Where’s Uncle Nowk? “Uncle Nowk, there you are! I have decided. I’m not taking the potion.”

“Love, I’m here. What are you talking about?” Prim?



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