Neeuqieus Revelacioun

10 Facts About Me **

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► Name: April Queen Gabonada Piedad

► Birth place: Pob. Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

► Hair color: Black
► Age: 17 ¾ years young
► Eye Color: Light Brown
► Birthday: April 23, 1998
► Gender: Female
► Lefty or Righty: Righty
► Single or taken?: Recently Single


Of Me and the Likes of Me **

  • What ONE word best describes you?


  • Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

I prefer watching movies because it saves more time though books elaborate more details about the scenes.

  • Name the title of your favorite film or book.

21 & 22 Jump Street is my favorite film and Queen of Babble Trilogy by Sophie Kinsella is my favorite book.

  • Name your favorite band/s or singer/s and their songs that you love best.

Sarah Geronimo is my ultimate idol and I love everything about her and all her songs, but I also love the genre of Demi Lovato’s, Paramore’s and Jessie J’s songs like Give Your Heart A Break, Made in the USA, Really Don’t Care, Nightingale, Warrior, Ain’t It Fun, Still Into You, Grow Up, That’s What You Get, Domino, Laserlight, etc. The song that I am really into right now is In Love Again by Colbie Caillat.

  • Write lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood.

//Leaving someone when you love someone is the hardest thing to do, when you love someone as much as I love you/ I know I’d only hurt you, baby it tears me up inside/ Baby it’s never gonna work out/ I love you, goodbye//

  • Put these in order of your favorite movie genre to least:

musical and dance, romance, drama, comedy, adventure, horror, superhero, action, thriller

  • What are the top 5 movies to make you cry? (Or at least make you sad!)

Miracle in Cell No. 7, Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale, A Moment to Remember, You’re Not You, If I Stay

  • If you could choose which age/era/century would you be born in which would it be?

I would choose the same century I was really born in because I could not imagine myself live in the early centuries when there was no abundance of technology nor in the future ages when there would be lesser resources, overpopulation, too complicated technologies and worse is, the possibility of robots adopted in every way of living.


The Deeper Side of Me **

  • What is the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten? –Satti . sattiThis is the famous delicacy in Zamboanga City. I have tasted it when I stayed there for a regional mathematics competition during my fourth year in high school. Trust me, you’ll never be able to eat this without a water or any drinks. This food is very spicy to the extent that you’ll never want to eat this food again but then you realize it’s unusual yet delicious so you forget what you said. 😀
  • What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever bought for someone? How much did it cost and who was it for?

It was a red pillow with “Love” written on it (our endearment) which cost more than a hundred. I gave it to someone who would always take a part in my life as a remembrance because right now, we’re already miles away and someday, it’ll become worse.

  • What’s the freakiest dream you’ve ever had? Describe.

It repeated 3 times exactly the way it was portrayed the first time, but not consecutively. It was a very long ago, when I was still a child. I was out of the house one night, walking alone on the streets. It was like I’m just walking around an oval ground because I always end up being at a specific house with many anonymous people inside. As far as I can remember, I think they were all partying. Worse, it was our real house but in my dream, it wasn’t even familiar to me. I didn’t know where I was. And that dream always end up like that, hanging.

  • What is the biggest injury you’ve ever sustained and how did you do it?

It was when I was still very young, about 2-4 years old, when my forehead got dumped with a big round table. Imagine. Of course, I already turned pale, and I didn’t move. Fortunately, my guardian angel saved me by whispering to my mother to get a pail of cold water and splash it to me. Then I got my almost-gone life back. It isn’t just me or my mother or my guardian angel, but it’s God above all.

  • Which would you rather out of these 3 options? A: Be good looking and extremely intelligent but so poor you live on the streets. B: Be extremely intelligent and a millionaire but what society classes as ugly. Or C: Be good looking and a millionaire but extremely academically challenged? Why?

A. It doesn’t matter if I am poor because through beauty and brain, I can always have a huge chance of getting my way up. Money can be easily acquired than looks and intelligence do.

  • Who are your best friends?

    This picture was taken by Paul Madelo at Dao, Pagadian City during Regional Schools Press Conference 2015.

    These are my high school best friends for life. Though some of us are already far apart since we graduated, we don’t mind the distance between us because we know, someday we’ll be reaching our dreams together and reaping the seeds we sow today. (from the left) Vie (Ozamis); Elaiza Recca (Davao); Merrah (Iligan); Blessed Jane (Iligan); Dexiel Kay (Iloilo); Claire Kate (Iligan); Ryn Riel (Iligan); Me; Quennie Rose (Diliman); Benjun (Iligan), and; Junard (Cebu).

But of course, who’d forget this annoying, gabby, childish, choosy, self-proclaimed frog but loecstaticving, generous, thoughtful, sympathetic and pretty (like me) twin of mine from another mother who’s totally the opposite of me? Nah, not me. I don’t care if she doesn’t treat me the same way, bestfriendship doesn’t have to be mutual :p

  • Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

No, because I know myself too much. I don’t even know why my friends still don’t unfriend me 😀

  • Which is easier, to forgive or to forget?

To forgive, because I believe anytime in your life, you can always remember but the best part there is there will always be that certain time when you remember but you don’t feel the pain anymore.

  • Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking? Who?

I haven’t really met someone like that, but I believe everyone who took part of my life has contributed in the making of my perspective on life and the world.


     What Ifs…

  • If you could be talented at anything instantly what would you choose?

Though I always get insecure with great painters, I would still choose to be a pro at singing and playing every musical instrument in the world. Yes, I can sing and I know how to play the basics in guitar, keyboard, and drums but there’s no nicer feeling of being so good at them.

  • If you could live in any fictional universe which would you choose?

I’d choose Timmy Turner’s magical world wherein you get stupid and funny fairly odd parents who can give you everything you need and bring you every where you want to go through the help of their wands, though sometimes they fail because they’re idiots. Hahaha, and that’s the best part there. I just want to go back to my childhood days; experience all the fun and worry less.

  • What have been the top 3 most brilliant days of this year? Describe them in as much or as little detail as you like.
  1. February 13-15: I had this first ever trip to Butuan City for an Annual Regional Convention for JPIA from regions 10 and CARAGA. We had three days and two nights stay at Almont Inland Resort. I participated in a vocal duet with Ate Romielle and we sang Burnin’ Up by Jessie J; luckily, we won the third place out of 10. (picture/video) Ergo, it was the best Valentine’s Day ever.
  2. Jan 30-31: We had this Youth for Christ: Campus Conference 2016 #Love360 with my brothers and sisters from YFC-Langyaw, Marawi and Mananaga! It just felt so good to be around those kinds of people, to worship the Lord and sing songs of praises for Him, and to feel His presence and guidance no matter who you are.
  3. February 4: It was just another normal school day but it was not ordinary because of the triumphant feeling when you get an unexpected hundred-percent rating for your speech choir performance in class.
  • If you could eliminate one of your human needs which would you get rid of?

The need to be loved back. For me, we have that kind of need—the desire to get attention, to be cared upon, to feel protection and assurance. When we give love, sometimes we expect love in return. But when it doesn’t, that’s where hurt, pain, grief and bitterness get their energy from.


       Heart To Heart **

  • Do you believe in soul mates?

If we talk about it romantically, no, because for me, the idea of a soul mate is someone fictional who’s perfect for you and only serves as a satisfaction for the human mind. But what really exists is your real love, who is totally imperfect as an individual, but when two hearts reunite as one,  you become perfect enough. It is in real love that you can grow together, through sunshine and storm, and still stand up and love each other until your very last breath.

  • Your best friend confesses that he/she has feelings for you more than just friendship. He/she is falling in love with you. What do you (or did you) do/say?

“I know it is way nicer if we become more than friends because we’re best friends and that gives us only a little chance that we both end up being broken. Just imagine, we could be getting a life together as one, building memories and reaching the dreams we both have for each other. But we can still do those things even if we’re just best of friends, right? Still we can’t erase the fact that we might break up. I love you and I don’t want to lose you, so we’re better off as best friends. Sometimes, we don’t have to pursue the feelings we have for a person. Instead, we have to think of the consequences our actions might lead to. The best way to love is to sacrifice yourself.”

  • What is more difficult for you, looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

Looking into someone’s eyes when I am telling someone how I feel, because I am the type of person who talks sincerely even without eye contact but when I listen, I look right into your eyes, and even though you stare back, I don’t back off.

  • Who is that one person that you really like and what makes them unique from the rest?

It’s my sister, because she has a sense of fashion and is witty, pretty, confident, decisive, creative and many more adjectives to mention. She is not that unique from others but she has this power that places her on a step higher than the rest. And I am proud of her.

  • What do you believe we as human beings take most for granted in this world?

I believe that what people take most for granted is the weakness of one, especially when you are one’s weakness. There are instances when you don’t give much effort and value to that person because you always believe that, that person will always remain by your side. But the truth is, there’s always a peak at everything. There is always a time for giving up and surrendering. You never realize a person’s worth unless they vanish from your life. One day, you’ll wake up realizing you once had everything you ever wanted, but you just never noticed, and now there’s no chance of getting them back.

  • Say, the semester has ended, what valuable NON-ACADEMIC Lesson would you want to learn from your teacher/s or classmates, if given the chance?

-It could be learning how to cook like a pro, because I just cook simple recipes and it just doesn’t come naturally hahaha. We all know, the best way to capture a man’s heart is through his stomach. 😀


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