Tree of One’s Family #2

fam tree2

We don’t really have the biggest family in the world nor the closest ones. My father came from a large family but we are somewhat distant because we live afar from each other. Besides, my father works in abroad so we couldn’t really reach them out that often. On the contrary, my mother has a small family. We are somehow close to each other because we’re just practically neighbors. Aside from these, my grandma in father’s side and grandfather in my mother’s side died before I was even born so I didn’t get the chance to meet them.

In our own small family, we aren’t that close either. We have a considerably large age gap between me and my siblings. We don’t really talk that much and if so, it will most probably end up in arguing and throwing whatever things we can grab to each other.

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We fight even in the tiniest and silliest things and my mom would always end up being the referee. But in spite of the aforementioned flaws of my family, I could still proudly say that I have the best imperfect family in the world and that I wouldn’t want to trade them for anything.