Mystery Case: Pre-Investigation Story

The air was cold and smelled strongly of coffee as I entered the precinct. The room was buzzed more than usual.

“All hands on deck rookies; make yourself useful.” Sgt. Nygaard said begrudgingly as he handed us a pile of paperwork. Sergeant Nygaard was our attending officer; I am only a trainee and we’ve only been assigned here last month. I reach for the pile and see a file about some fire.

“Why are we investigating a fire? Isn’t that the fire department’s job?” I ask Sergeant Nygaard.

“We’re not investigating the fire. We’re investigating what happened after. Just keep reading rookie.” He replies as he walks back to his desk. I keep on reading and I have to say, it peaked my interest. Continue reading


Mystery Case: The Bouchers – SOLVED

On December 4, 2008, as the Boucher family was fast asleep, a fire erupted on their home. Out of eight family members who were at the house during the time, only four made it out. This had been an intriguing case; mainly because of what the patriarch had discovered the following morning. The remaining four family members, who were said to be left behind, have disappeared. No bodies were found at the site of the fires. Continue reading